South Park Stocking (spstocking) wrote,
South Park Stocking

2012 Stocking for Neocarleen

This is the South Park stocking for Neocarleen!

For ideas on SP-related gifts and treats to stuff this stocking with, check out this wishlist:

Characters/Pairings/Moresomes: Kenny/Wendy (otp)

Likes: Kenny, Wendy, Kyle. There doesn't have to be any shipping involved; These characters themselves are fantastic. Any pairing that involves Wendy, with the exception of Stan/Wendy (because screw canon!)

Dislikes: Any pairing that involves Stan. Also, no gore, rape, or extreme violence.

Anything else: Thank you very much to anyone who stuffs my stocking ;)

[Comments will be unscreened on December 25, 2012, although stockings will remain open for stuffing until January 1, 2013 and beyond.]
Tags: 2012, stocking: neocarleen
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