South Park Stocking (spstocking) wrote,
South Park Stocking

2012 Stocking for Miaou

This is the South Park stocking for Miaou!

For ideas on SP-related gifts and treats to stuff this stocking with, check out this wishlist:

Characters - Clyde, Stan, Butters, Kenny, Bebe, Coon and Friends.

Pairings - (no top/bottom preference) - Clyde/Bebe, Clyde/Butters, Clyde/Craig, Clyde/Gary, Clyde/Kenny, Clyde/Marjorine, Clyde/Stan, Clyde/Tweek, Kenny/Butters, Shelly/Larry, Stan/Gary, Stan/Kenny, Mysterion/Professor Chaos, Mysterion/Mosquito, Mysterion/Toolshed, Human Kite/Toolshed.

Moresomes - Clyde/Craig/Kenny, Bebe/Clyde/Kenny, Marjorine/Clyde/Kenny, Kenny/Kyle/Stan, Mysterion/Human Kite/Toolshed.

Likes: friendship, love, sex, bromance, kissing, first times (not just sex), comfort without hurt, naps, tattoos, writing on skin, rain, snow, sunlight, stargazing, boots, suspenders and ties, D/s (with or without sex), kids and their pets, kids as their superhero personas, canon, post-canon, pre-canon, alternate timelines, alternate universes.

Dislikes: tacos, unresolved angst, death (even/especially Kenny!), abuse, character bashing, jealousy, scat/poo, vomit. :/

Anything else: Not that I can think of. Thank you to anyone who stuffs my stocking!

[Comments will be unscreened on December 25, 2012, although stockings will remain open for stuffing until January 1, 2013 and beyond.]
Tags: 2012, stocking: miaou
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