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South Park Stocking 2012 is officially open!

Modeled after fandom_stocking, SP Stocking is a winter holidays gift/treat giving comm for South Park fandom. This is not an exchange like traditional "secret santas," so there are no assignments. Here's how it works:
  • Anyone who wants to can submit a wishlist here. Wishlist submissions for 2012 are now closed (but if you missed out, there's always next year -- and you can still stuff stockings).
  • Everyone who submits a wishlist will get their own "stocking": a post with their name in the subject line and their wishlist as the text of the post.
  • There is no obligation to stuff anyone's stocking, even if you submit a wishlist.
  • Anyone is welcome to stuff any stocking, regardless of whether they've submitted a wishlist themselves.
  • All South Park-related wishes are totally cool, including RPS, crossovers, and fusions. (More details at the Sign-Up/Wishlist Submission post.)
  • Gifts/treats may be fic, art, vids, fan soundtracks, icons and other graphics, simple wishes of holiday cheer, or whatever you can think of/want to give. There are no requirements or minimums for gifts/treats given: drabbles/comment fic and sketches are welcome, as are longer and more complicated pieces.
  • Comments to the "stocking" posts will be screened until the reveal on December 25th. Comments have been unscreened and all gifts are now revealed.
  • Stockings are open for stuffing until January 1, 2013 and beyond (there's no official close date).

That's it!

Contact: southpark . stocking @ gmail . com

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